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Team + Guests


The Nickscast

The main organizers of the event! We co-host the event, handle the social media, and organize the guests, prizes, and all the streaming infrastructure.

Twitter: @thenickscast
Facebook: @thenickscast
Instagram: @thenickscast


A guest friend and co-host joining us for a second year for the entire stream! An amazing cosplayer, amazing person, and, in her own words, #SquareEnixSlut!

Twitter: @smzeldarules
Facebook: @smzeldarules
Instagram: @smzeldarules



A great YouTuber helping us out with a great cause! A resource for all things Super Nintendo / Super Famicom (and some other platforms too)

Twitter: @snesdrunk
Instagram: @snesdrunk

Dan the Video Ninja

Have you been at a con in southwestern Ontario? There’s a pretty good chance that Dan has been a behind-the-scenes ninja helping to record your masquerade performance (or not, ninjas move in mysterious, secretive ways)!

Twitter: @_DJCharrington

Epic Film Guys

…Specifically, Epic Film Guys’ Nick H will be joining us and possibly supporting us in the Race against the Race Against Time!

Twitter: @epicfilmguys
Facebook: @epicfilmguys
Instagram: @epicfilmguys


Queer nonbinary writer and reviewer. ALSO an editor for
Anime Feminist, a freelancer around the Internet, and occasionally a fiction writer.

Twitter: @writervrai

Zabka Zee

Artist, photo retoucher, and cosplayer! Local Polish Potato raised in Cajun Country. A lot of screaming about Dragonball, DMC, & Dragon Quest.

Twitter: @zabka_zee


One of the reasons that the Race Against Time even exists (and the Nickscast’s introduction to the world of streaming). Evan is going to join in for the last little bit of the race!

More guests are still coming together. Stay tuned!

Special Thanks


Holy crap! For donating so many things for us to give away! These folks are the coolest and sell some pretty amazing video game merch!


The artist of all the cute chibi Chrono Trigger caricatures!

Twitter: @abagofangrybees
Facebook: @abagofangrybees
Instagram: @abagofangrybees


A cool new friend that we got to meet at MAGFest! Cute cosplay related comics (and a passionate love of Yu-Gi-Oh, especially Blue Eyes White Dragons).


Followed the Race last year and were so kind as to donate a Super Famicom and two copies of Chrono Trigger!

Twitter: @altytweets

Friends of the Race