The Race Against Time

2023-12-19: We're running a small event, the Great Magicite Fight III, on February 3rd and 4th from 11:00am until 11:00pm (Eastern Standard Time).

Same concept as the Race Against Time (24 hours to beat a game), same charity (Trans Lifeline) but this time, it's Final Fantasy VI!

The Great Magicite Fight

# Giveaways

To help encourage folks to donate, we will be giving away different prizes and prize packs as we reach our different fundraising goals. Tiltify will always have the most up-to-date list of giveaways and unlocks.

Once a fundraising goal is reached, it will be raffled off during the first hour of the next regular stream (or over the next hour during the main event).

Details on how to enter will be available on stream, but giveaways are generally open to anyone and don’t require anything other than entering a command in the Twitch chat.

Also, unlike previous years, this year prize packs will be random! When it’s time to do a raffle, we will randomly select from the available prize packs below (except for the grand prize)

# Prize Packs

# The BabyTM

You must protecc

Moogle Plush

It’s a moogle. What did you expect?

Provided by Square Enix

# Starting Trainer

Some of the things you might need to start your Pokemon journey!

Wooper Plush

Woop woop woop woop woop!

Provided by Monstoy

Trainer’s Backpack

🎶I want to wear, the very best…

Provided by BlueRobotto

Pokeball Replica + Stand

Gotta catch 'em all

Provided by Fluxtide Designs

# Best GirlTM

She really wants to get a HEAD in life.

Dusa Plush

…Get it??

Provided by Fangamer

# Mini Trigger

It’s Chrono Trigger, in miniature form!

“Kentaro” Mini


Provided by DiceyDHobbies

“Toadin” Mini


Provided by DiceyDHobbies

“Bhesma” Mini


Provided by DiceyDHobbies

Lavos Mini

No wait, this one IS Lavos

Provided by DirtBlock

# Cozy Trigger

A variety of household (Chrono Trigger) goods

Chrono Trigger, the Coasters

You don’t want stains, do you?

Provided by ???

Chrono Trigger, the Acyrlic Charm

To far away times!

Provided by ThePhoenixCave

Chrono Trigger

Stick 'em everywhere!

Provided by Studio Marimo Shop

# Chrono Trigger Pocket

Celebrate our favourite game by bringing it literally everywhere!

Nu enamel pin

It’s Nu!

Provided by SkousenFondue

Gate Key


Provided by Fangamer

Spawn Chain


Provided by Fangamer

# The Great Magicite Lite

A taste of our other event

Magicite Keychain

How many wonders can Magicite hold?

Provided by ThePhoenixCave

FF6 Stickers

Gotta… catch 'em all?

Provided by ThePhoenixCave

Digital Copy of Final Fantasy 6

Just play it, alright??

# Figurines of Wonderous Power

Make memories of a simpler time.

Dragon Tank Figurine


Provided by RadshitzAndBekkler

Gato Figurine

You beat me up. Prepare to receive silver points.

Provided by Ryan Kittleson’s Sculpture

# Video Game Grab Bag

We’d like to call it a sampler, but it’s already called a grab bag

Prince of the Cosmos Bag

Not so tiny now, eh!?

Provided by Fangamer

Sleepy Kirby Keychain

Lil’ sleepy boi 🥺

Provided by DoubleCuteGifts

Zelda Playing Cards

For when you need to earn some rupees.

Provided by Fangamer

FF6 Notebooks

For remembering all your favourite video game passwords

Provided by ThePhoenixCave

# it TEIM shop

Help TEMM go to collag pls Hlp Trans Lifeline

Temi! Plush + Box


Provided by Fangamer

Grilby’s Mug

I have a mighty thoooorst

Provided by Fangamer

# Zelda Style

It’s dangerous to go alone~ take this!

Zelda Umbrella

It’s dangerous to go alone wet outside: take this!

Provided by Pindie Gamer

Wind Key Bottle Opener

Opens (some) doors! But mostly bottles…

Provided by GeekThirst

The Icons Tie

Contains Depicts all that you’ll need on your quest!

Donated by Hero’s Armory

# Nook Miles Ticket

Why go on vacation when you can get this instead?

Animal Crossing Umbrella

Who needs an umbrella on a vacation, anyway??

Provided by Pindie Gamer

3d-printed Fossil Case

Does not contain dino-DNA!

Provided by VoidSociety

# Wa-hoo!

It’s-a-me, a Mario Prize Pack!

Mario Warp Pipe Figurine + Coins

I’ve got 99 problems but coins ain’t one.

Provided by FinePrintsByWard

Paper Mario Pins

A variety of enamel pins

Provided by Jushmu

# The Finale

Condition(s): Raise at least $2800 USD

This is it! The last prize pack! Can we reach our goal in time??

(Reproduction) Player’s Guide

Welcome back to the 90s!

Provided by PastGenPrints

Komodo Scale

Don’t cross dimensions without one!

Provided by Mira Crafts

Nu Plush

Begins and ends all time AND is super soft!

Provided by MetroidHat

Symphony of Zeal 2XLP

It’s a CT album… on vinyl!

Provided by ManaWave

Digital Copy of Chrono Trigger

Just play it, alright??